Kay, what inspires you? - I am sure just like me you all have some childhood captures that you cherish, maybe even photos from previous generations of family members? Moments that you may not remember or have even been there for, but because of the photographs you have the ability to see + feel the love and joy in special moments.

One day your wedding + family photos will be looked upon by your future generation of family members. Memory can be temporary, but photographs will preserve each moment of pure happiness + love! This is what inspires me! Life is so precious, I want to capture each moment!

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what I truly dig the most

What I truly dig the most in this world is capturing moments that may otherwise be forgotten, and creating timeless, never lost memories you'll now have and hold as tangible reminders of your happiest times! Moments pass by so fast and memories begin to fade overtime, my goal is to deliver to you keepsake images of your most preciously special times shared with those you love! My passion stems from being someone who has a horrible memory when it comes to experience, I find myself forgetting little moments of extreme happiness, this is why documenting each precious moment truly sets my soul on fire!

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Heck yes I offer my services on all Hawaiian islands! Whether your 'ohana is vacationing on Maui, you’re honeymooning with your soulmate on The Big Island, or your special day is on Kaua'i, I will happily Island hop to you + capture your memories! Inquire for a custom quote, I can’t wait to meet you!


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